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What is Hasami?

Hasami has some of Japan`s best pottery makers. With over 400 years of history, this town has continued to innovate and create beautiful pieces of work. There are many kilns in Hasami, each having their own unique designs! Many of these kilns are family operated, and their techniques have been passed down for many generations.

Today, Hasami stands as Japans most popular producer of porcelain and continues to make an impact with potters not just in Japan, but with the rest of the world as well.

Local Experiences

Garage House Kitchen

Garage House Kitchen is located next to Hasami Ceramics Park and the Hasami Tourism Center. This is a great location to stop for a bite to eat while in Hasami due to its location. Before entering, there is a fashionable …


Kissen is a restaurant that is situated near the Hasami hot spring and Hotel Bliss Villa Hasami. If you are looking for an authentic Japanese meal, this is the restaurant to go to. The interior has multiple raised tatami rooms …


It is hard to miss Cocoto with its pink and green exterior. This restaurant was opened in 1989 and is a popular spot to eat at in Hasami. Even on weekdays, there will be a rush during lunchtime. The interior …

Hasami Yakimono Park

Hasami Yakimono Park - World's Kiln Plaza Hasami Yakimono Park in Hasami features “World's Kiln Plaza”, which showcases types of kilns that were used during various times in history. Take a stroll through this open-air museum and learn about the various …

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