Spring has come to our dining tables

Nanohana The year of 2021 has begun! Japanese express the word ‘New Year’ as a ‘Shinshun’ meaning ‘New Spring’. Even though we are still in the middle of winter, spring has already arrived at our dining table. A special dish called “Nanohana”, a cruciferous green vegetable, closely related to rapini and broccoli is served on our dining table.…

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Japanese Restaurant Fujichaya

Japanese Restaurant Fujichaya In the Japanese pottery town of Hasami, Fujichaya offers Japanese food in a family-friendly atmosphere. Here, the restaurant is distinguishable by the wisteria flowers giving shade over the entrance. During the summer months, the leaves turn dark green which blends in with the natural scenery of Hasami. We came in to eat…

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Akari is a small restaurant with an amazing menu. This restaurant is dimly lit and creates a cozy atmosphere. Here you will be able to eat Nagasaki Wagyu, a popular Japanese beef. The set meals vary in price from 1,000 yen up to 2,000 yen. Since this restaurant does use special Japanese beef, the price…

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Kissen is a restaurant that is situated near the Hasami hot spring and Hotel Bliss Villa Hasami. If you are looking for an authentic Japanese meal, this is the restaurant to go to. The interior has multiple raised tatami rooms in which you will be able to relax in, as well as several seats at…

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Dining Café Ruran

Dining Café Ruran is a fashionable, bright, and calm restaurant. The inside has a very homey atmosphere to it and the wooden furniture and bar create a sense of relaxation. From the lunch menu, we are able to choose between two daily lunches or a lemon steak rice bowl. The two daily lunches cost around…

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It is hard to miss Cocoto with its pink and green exterior. This restaurant was opened in 1989 and is a popular spot to eat at in Hasami. Even on weekdays, there will be a rush during lunchtime. The interior has a very nostalgic feel to it and the menu has an abundance of choices…

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Garage House Kitchen

Garage House Kitchen is located next to Hasami Ceramics Park and the Hasami Tourism Center. This is a great location to stop for a bite to eat while in Hasami due to its location. Before entering, there is a fashionable outside sitting area. Here you can sit outside and enjoy the weather while looking out…

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This restaurant is located right next to the Hasami hot spring and river. Eating here after taking a dip in the hot spring is really relaxing. Since the restaurant is located next to a river, the sounds of nature and running water can also be heard. Popular among Hasami residents, the menu here consists of…

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Kourigama Ice Kometama

Kourigama Ice Kometama offers the best ice cream in Hasami. This shop is located within Nishinohara (if you would like to read more about Nishinohara, click here). The ice cream served here is created in a small “frozen” bowl that resembles a kiln. The uniqueness of this ice cream comes in how the ingredients are…

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