Spring has arrived in Hasami

A stroll through the Tozenji temple Tozenji temple Tozenji temple is located at the end of the street leading from the Hotel Bliss Villa Hasami. a 10 to 15 minute walk will take you from the hotel to the temple. There stands a gorgeous “weeping cherry tree” in the temple’s garden. The tree is named…

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Hata No Hara Kiln

One of the Oldest Climbing Kilns in Japan Within the enclave of the Japanese mountainside lies one of Japans oldest climbing kilns. In the quiet, but peaceful pottery town of Hasami, this kiln was designated as a national historic site on September 6, 2000. But Just How Old Is Hata No Hara Kiln This kiln…

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Onigitanada Rice Terrace Festival

To bring in the fall season, Hasami has the Onigitanada rice terrace festival. This festival has many unique events and experiences to take part in and enjoy. I went before the official opening day so the number of people was a lot fewer. Expect large crowds of people laughing and enjoying the various types of…

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Onigitanada – Hasami’s Terraced Rice Field

Onigitanada Deep within Hasami, Japan lies a beautiful terraced rice field called, ‘Onigitanada`. Nestled within the mountainside, Onigitanada has a quiet, but tremendous presence within the landscape. Here, time seems to take a step back, and the tranquil life of the Japanese countryside can easily take a hold of you. The name ‘Onigi` was given…

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Historic Japanese Pottery Town

Nakaoyama is a quiet town in Hasami, Japan, that is brimming with history. This historic Japanese pottery town sits between the mountains and seems to be looking down at the unchanged landscape below. Nakaoyama was the leading area for production of everyday pottery in Japan and is still creating porcelain to this day. History At…

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Weeping Cherry Tree

Weeping Cherry Tree Sitting along the mountainside of one of Hasami’s many mountains towers a large weeping cherry tree. Unlike regular cherry blossom trees, this one has long draping branches that seem to look like the small pink flowers are cascading off of it like a great waterfall.   This tree has been prominently displayed…

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Nishinohara One of Hasami’s must-see spots is Nishinohara. Here, there is a little bit of everything. If you are looking to get a bite to eat, stop for some coffee, take a look at Hasami porcelain, or just relax in a scenic area, this is the place to go. Nishinohara and its surrounding area are…

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Hasami Yakimono Park

Hasami Yakimono Park - World's Kiln Plaza Hasami Yakimono Park in Hasami features “World's Kiln Plaza”, which showcases types of kilns that were used during various times in history. Take a stroll through this open-air museum and learn about the various types of kilns that were used around the world. While driving through the entrance…

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Hasami Tourism Exchange Center and Museum

The Hasami Tourism Exchange Center is located in the middle of town and offers a range of experiences and information. Some of the many attractions include buying pottery, a museum about Hasami, and a pottery making course. This area is located right next to Hasami Ceramics Park, so I recommend going there as well! Pottery…

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