Weeping Cherry Tree

Weeping Cherry Tree Sitting along the mountainside of one of Hasami’s many mountains towers a large weeping cherry tree. Unlike regular cherry blossom trees, this one has long draping branches that seem to look like the small pink flowers are cascading off of it like a great waterfall.   This tree has been prominently displayed…

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Nishinohara One of Hasami’s must-see spots is Nishinohara. Here, there is a little bit of everything. If you are looking to get a bite to eat, stop for some coffee, take a look at Hasami porcelain, or just relax in a scenic area, this is the place to go. Nishinohara and its surrounding area are…

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Hasami Yakimono Park

Hasami Yakimono Park - World's Kiln Plaza Hasami Yakimono Park in Hasami features “World's Kiln Plaza”, which showcases types of kilns that were used during various times in history. Take a stroll through this open-air museum and learn about the various types of kilns that were used around the world. While driving through the entrance…

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Hasami Tourism Exchange Center and Museum

The Hasami Tourism Exchange Center is located in the middle of town and offers a range of experiences and information. Some of the many attractions include buying pottery, a museum about Hasami, and a pottery making course. This area is located right next to Hasami Ceramics Park, so I recommend going there as well! Pottery…

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