Garage House Kitchen is located next to Hasami Ceramics Park and the Hasami Tourism Center. This is a great location to stop for a bite to eat while in Hasami due to its location. Before entering, there is a fashionable outside sitting area. Here you can sit outside and enjoy the weather while looking out at Hasami Porcelain Park. The menu is also located on the patio if you wish to take a look at it before entering.

The interior of the restaurant is fashionable. There is a very surfer-esque vibe to it. The layout of the restaurant is relaxing with many places to sit and enjoy your meal.

Garage House Kitchen specializes in hamburgers and sandwiches. The portion sizes are reasonable and will leave you full and satisfied. The main meal also comes with a side of potato wedges that are perfectly salted. Everything about this restaurant and its meals are welcoming and the taste is also amazing.

Open 11:30 – 21:00
Closed on Tuesdays

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