My joyful table with Hasami-ware

This year’s “Rikka” was on May 5th.

Hasami wheat field

According to the Japanese calendar, 「立夏」“Rikka” which means the beginning day of summer. Hasami is welcoming “Bakushu” (a season word for ‘harvesting wheat’,in the early summer.)

Most households prefer to stay in doors during the current pandemic environment. In my current quarantine life style, Hasami-ware brings joy and happiness to my table.

To stay away from the crowded places,I try not to visit big supermarkets.

I came up with the idea of ‘eating all the foods in my refrigerator for a while! Today, I found potatoes, onions, carrots, and some cucumber so…Let’s cook potato salad!

Because these vegetables are grown in the Hasami’s fertile land, and they are very delicious! The fun is yet to come!

For serving ,I wonder which Hasami-ware should I choose?

Of course! I should choose from what I got this year! These ones are from Isshinn-kilm(一真窯)on Mt.Nakao in Hasami. (Even though,I got them for free ^-^)

Look! its perfect for serving this dish! This dish is so lovely and quite colorful, isn’t it?

Let’s enjoy this potato salad, a gift from the Hasami land, and also improve body immunity!

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