A stroll through the Tozenji temple

Tozenji temple

Tozenji temple is located at the end of the street leading from the Hotel Bliss Villa Hasami. a 10 to 15 minute walk will take you from the hotel to the temple. There stands a gorgeous “weeping cherry tree” in the temple’s garden. The tree is named Kissho Sakura. “Kissho” means “auspicious” and ”Sakura” means “cherry tree”.

As you go through the approach to the temple, you can find a sign which shows the way to Kissho Sakura. At the front entrance of the temple, you need to take off your shoes to enter into the building.

While walking through the inner corridor, you will find a small historical garden on your left. On the further side of the garden, you can look up at Kissho Sakura. If you want to get closer to the tree, do not forget to wear Japanese slippers prepared on the stepping stone at the side of the corridor. As you get down to the garden, Kissho Sakura is just across a tiny hill.

Stand beside Kissho Sakura, you can look down the gray roofs of the temple, and fresh green wheat fields beyond the roof.


Through Kissho Sakura, bright spring sun light is falling on you. The light is so gentle and elegant. A tree of camellia is also in full bloom just beneath Kissho Sakura.

Branches of Kissho Sakura filled with blossoms are swaying in the breeze, and you will see the roofs through the branches again.

The full blown Kissho Sakura is watching a row of cherry trees at the foot of the temple hill, which are about to bloom.

Kissho Sakura whispers to the trees as gently as Dea Della Primavera,”I’m waiting for you all soon to bloom.”

Blissvilla KANZA – Nakanishi

A breath of fresh spring air…

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